The Business Case for CRVS Digitisation explains how technology can be a cost-effective means to improve CRVS systems and processes. The document should be used to indicate the expected benefits of CRVS digitisation, to get buy-in from key stakeholders, to justify the technology investment costs and to raise funds for project implementation. The Business Case is developed in two parts. The initial Business Case, developed in this activity, outlines the actual costs of the Analysis and Design Phase and indicative costs for full implementation. This Business Case will be revisited and updated at the beginning of the Implementation Phase to more accurately reflect the findings of the Analysis and Design Phase, including an accurate representation of the defined digital CRVS system and the benefits and costs associated with implementing it.



Business Case for CRVS Digitisation

WHY is digitisation needed?
HOW will technology be used to respond to current needs?
WHEN will the long-term digitisation goals be realised?
WHAT IF digitisation did not happen?
HOW MUCH will it cost?

Complete initial sections of the Business Case for CRVS Digitisation Template with outputs from previous activities as defined below:

  • Complete the “Context” section with details from the CRVS Strategic Plan; this will provide the context for why digitisation is needed.
  • Complete the “Long-Term Vision for CRVS Digitisation” as per the previous activity; this will outline how technology will be used to help achieve the CRVS Strategic Plan and by when.

Complete the table in the “Impact of not digitising CRVS systems” section, identifying the risks associated with not using technology to strengthen CRVS systems and processes and the possible impact that this could have.


Complete the table in the “Timeframes” section, identifying the expected duration of each phase of work.


Complete the table in the “Costings” section. The activities that need to be costed include:

  • Analysis and Design (next phase)
  • System Development & Testing (indicative)
  • Pilot Implementation (indicative)
  • Full Implementation (indicative)
  • Operational, support and maintenance costs (indicative)

Share completed CRVS Digitisation Business Case with key stakeholders to get buy-in and to secure funding when this is not yet in place.